FxGuru (http://fxguruapp.com) is the first mobile app from Picadelic (http://picadelic.com), a leading developer of innovative, image-based entertainment software.

We are excited to introduce FxGuru, a video special effects app that gives aspiring directors, sci-fi and action movie fans, or anyone looking to amaze their friends the ability to easily create exciting content on a mobile device. With cinematic-quality artwork and multiple technical innovations, FxGuru breaks new ground in mobile entertainment.

Screencast / Video


  • Filters (Phone)
    Filters (Phone)
  • Record (Phone)
    Record (Phone)
  • Record (Tablet)
    Record (Tablet)
  • Choose Effect (Tablet)
    Choose Effect (Tablet)
  • Filters (Tablet)
    Filters (Tablet)
  • Open Effect (Phone)
    Open Effect (Phone)
  • Choose Effect (Phone)
    Choose Effect (Phone)
  • Download (Tablet)
    Download (Tablet)
  • Homescreen (Phone)
    Homescreen (Phone)
  • Open Effect (Tablet)
    Open Effect (Tablet)
  • Homescreen (Tablet)
    Homescreen (Tablet)
  • Ultimate Fan Effects (phone)
    Ultimate Fan Effects (phone)

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