6 Apps for All Movie Buffs

The effects are amazing and give you a lot of wiggle room to add in your own creativity. Wow your friends and family with your awesome mini-movies.

For Android users, FxGuru is arguably the best available on the platform. Rich in options and with a particular penchant for grander effects, it's a pleasure to play around with it.


FxGuru: Movie FX Director

It doesn’t get much more small budget than making films on your phone, but luckily FXGuru: Movie FX Director allows you to incorporate some pretty big budget effects. Add explosions, UFOs and falling satellites to your videos, or just film your sworn enemy (everyone has a sworn enemy, right?) and spend hour after hour blowing them up with petrol bombs. Your choice. Also, while normally you’d expect the promo video to exaggerate how realistic the effects actually look, but we tried it out and it’s pretty accurate.

Despite there being no shortage of fun special effect apps on the Google Play store, you don't really hear about them as much as one does with the iTunes App Store. FxGuru: Movie FX Director from Picadelic seeks to change that. I think the problem was always ease of use. Those other apps weren't as simple to use, and most importantly, weren't as much fun. Although you only get three effects for free, and have to purchase the rest in-app, it is simple to add any crazy effects to any video on your android device, old or new. The wide assortment of effects available for purchase is pretty impressive, too.